Barf Diet Recipe



Barf Diet Recipe


Everyone ask me what is the perfect BARF DIET and what I use to maintain my English bulldogs healthy fit and without them getting over weight.


This is the perfect diet to keep them free of skin issues, allergies, hot spots, mange Etc, I can almost guarantee that 90% of English bulldogs skin problems come directly from traditional dog food.



My BARF DIET is a well balanced diet; it’s not something I made up, I have a nutritional table for my diet, I paid a laboratory to test different ingredients for me until we got the perfect diet for my English bulldogs, this is all you need to maintain your dog in perfect condition, if you add anything else you are wasting your money a dog can only absorb a certain amount of nutrients a day and this is all they need, let me tell you it works to perfection give it a try for just one week and you will see big changes.


  Everything is to be completely raw in your Barf diet recipe for adults


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Chicken and bone Neck, feet, thighs, breast, drums whatever you can get cheapest.




Wheat Germ or Wheat Bran 


Extra Virgin Olive Oil 


I grind every week for my dogs this amount, and all your dog needs is 600 to 800 grams a day of this to maintain 100%



10 Pounds of Chicken and Bone

1.5  Pounds of Carrots

750  grams of Wheat Germ

1/2 cup of Extra virgin  olive oil


For puppies just add unflavored jello cooked oatmeal or rice.


This has worked perfect for me for over 5 years it is cheaper than any dog food out there, and it is 1 million times healthier for any dog, I tell you from my experience of what I have seen over the years.


Benefits of the diet


The stool is totally different it is dry it does not smell like dog Sh… at all GARANTEED!


They don’t have that dog smell to them.


They don’t drink almost any water.


Their breath doesn’t smell.


Their teeth are always nice and white.


Their Coat is super shinny and bright.


They don’t shed as much.


They don’t pee as much.


The most important of all Longer and better life!

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  1. Jessica Kastner

    Hi I have been watching your video an wanted to see if you could give me the right m eausuments for a 8 wks old puppy? We get him in a few weeks an want to start him on this. I will start preparing an freezing it to have a stock. I am wanting the best for Rocky , an know you can provide great input. Thanks Jessica

  2. Andres e Hernandez

    Hola Diego, mi perra esta embarazada , ya tiene 6 semanas y sigo dandole tu receta de pollo crudo. Es necesario darle halho mas ahora que está embarazada o es suficiente con tu dieta barf

  3. Keri Ledbetter

    Hey MauiExpo, Hope all is well, Still gonna get one of your puppies one of these days, Guaranteed, But If you have a second Im inquiring about the BARF Diet, Do you cook this chicken and chick bone? I am assuming that it is raw but wasnt positive, Also I know you said nothing else is needed No plain yogurt or green leafy veggies?? As I really dont have any problems with mine, Im wanting to do it for health I just want the best for my girls, I know on some of the sites Ive read Oh dont give dog raw chicken but , If you been doing it this long I know its good for them, just wanting to make sure that I am not supposed to cook it Thank You for your time, and your pups are amazing Have great day THanks

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