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Breeding English bulldogs

Breeding English bulldogs is not an easy job but if you want to know some tips let me help you out so you do not make the same mistakes as I did when i first started, When your bitch goes in heat I always wait until the 7th day before I start the breeding process with my English Bulldogs, but this is not always right! Some females will ovulate on the 3nd day or sometimes after the 27 th day it can differ from English Bulldog to English Bulldog, so unless you know your English Bulldog female, it is better to go with progesterone testing, just to make sure, it will tell you the exact day to breed your bully.

Count 60-63 days before the English Bulldog puppies are likely to be born. Make sure everything necessary for their arrival, will be in order by that time. Note; English Bulldog semen can hold in the English bulldog girl for up to 3 days, so be careful not to expect them too early. Example: If she has passed 63 days and you have no English Bulldog Puppies she may have not “taken” the day you thought she did. It could be a few more days.


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