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English & French bulldog payment and layaway plans

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“It is never too late to start”

Layaway plan

Mauiexpo Kennel is proud to offer our Layaway program to customers purchasing one of  our English bulldogs or French bulldogs, simple and very convenient that meets your budget.

When I was a little kid my parents could not afford to buy me the dog of my dreams 🙁  the English bulldog, so I use to work in a kennel cleaning, feeding, and helping out in everyday possible and asked the breeder if  I could pay in a monthly basis until I came up with the full amount of the puppy and she excepted my offer, it took me quite a long time, but i finally accomplished my dream, it’s never to late to start, you can spare a little money a month and you wont even feel it, you will not get in debt and by the time you are done you won’t owe any credit companies a penny, Bulldogs are expensive and people have to realize how hard it is to breed this type of dogs specially if you are doing it the right way, My bulldogs are expensive because I have great lines bulldogs that look like what they are supposed to, you see dogs on the web for U$D 800 U$D 1000 but those don’t look like bulldogs they are mixed with old English bulldogs of boxers, they might look cute and beautiful in the pictures and as they grow they will be tall, long skinny, with their teeth sticking out, that is not a bulldog guys, it’s better to save for a long time and make the effort of buying WHAT IT IS! not just buying a dog to buy one, for that adopt one in a pound or a dog shelter, if you are going to make a commitment of buying a real pure bred dog, you will spend top dollar but you will have the satisfaction that your dog will turn out to the breed standard and not some cheese looking dog, take it from experience and don’t ever settle for less, BUY THE REAL DEAL!

Our layaway program allows you the flexibility to pay  within your budget, With no fees, penalties, or finance charges, our new layaway program is one of the most user-friendly programs on the Internet.  Enrollment in the program is as easy as a few clicks.  Simply select “Layaway Program” form the payment method list and I will contact you within 24 hours to set up your payment schedule.  (depending on the plan selected) will be charged to your card initially.  remaining payments will be charged every 30 days for the remainder of the plan selected.

A lot of people have asked me if I could set up a payment plan for my puppies, so this is why i decided to do it, sometimes a person can’t come up with all the money at once buy would like to send money on a Monthly basis,  so I have set up this monthly payment plan so you can purchase your puppy within a few months or even a year, or more that is up to you, if you need to set up a special payment plan or a different value than the one below, please call me or let me know and I will set up the pay pal button on the amount that you will be willing to pay on a monthly basis.

NOTE: You will not be able to receive your puppy until the the full amount is paid for and no refunds will be issued with no exceptions!

If you plan on purchasing a puppy and would like to set up a payment plan account this is what I can do, you can set it up with any major credit card or debit card based on a monthly fee it could be U$D100U$D 200 U$D 300 U$D 400 U$D 500 Etc.. that is up to you, my puppies range from U$D 2000 to U$D 3500 including the shipping, so when you have reached your budget and see one of the puppies listed on the site all you have to do is pick and if the puppy is 8 to 10 weeks of age, we will ship it your puppy in less then a week.

All transactions are done Through Pay Pal so it is very safe for both ends, you will have your own account and will receive your monthly statement.

Please select the monthly plan you are going to choose this will charge your credit card debit card or pay pal account on a monthly basis, I will send you a spreadsheet of all your payments and if you plan on making an extra payment or would like to finish paying off all of the puppy please call me at 786-206-9330 or Email me at to let me know how to proceed.



Payment Options

Layaway plan


To make a payment in a different amount than what is listed above, or want to make an extra deposit to your monthly installed payment please click the the pay now button below, and enter the desired amount to pay.



Layaway plan

Please fill in this form after submitting payment so we can open your layaway plan account thank you.


Link to form here!

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