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Thank you! We LOVE Our New Puppy

Hi Diego- I wanted to send along my thanks for such a fabulous English Bulldog puppy.Wepurchased “Otto”now known as“Cooper” and ADORE him. He has quickly adjusted to life in Rhode Island and is the perfect addition! It is nearly impossible to take him on walks without being stopped by everyone we meet so needless to say he is VERY spoiled with LOTS of attention.I could not believe how easy you made the purchase processand howk now ledgeable and patient you were throughout the process as we had a lot of questions when we first brought Cooper home. We will be sure to send pictures soon as he is growing by the minute. Thank you again!

Erica & Mark, Rhode Island 

My English bulldog Pearl Arrived!
Brother Diego. Short notes letting you know that Pearl arrived safely last night. Wow !!!! When we watched the U Tube video and we thought that she was passive. She was also small and compact as you had indicated. A real low rider…a little bowling ball What a nice compact body…beautiful face, centered eyes and a magnificent rope Got her home and had her in the yard and let Titus out so that he could find her. He found her and of course wanted to keep her. We wanted him to bring her into our circle instead of us bring her into his. You could say that we fooled him:):)

They played for awhile and then he started playing his Alpha role. Even though she was half his size she lit into him and let him know who was going to wear the pants around the house.

After ashorttimeTitusstartedisplayingsubmissivebehavior,,,rolling over and letting her have her way and him making occasional love bites. Today they played the entire day and and still had moments of posturing but in the end it was a great day for the both of them. We have always tried to have two Bullys and after watching them interact you always ask yourself what they would be doing if the other one was not in their life. They really keep each other occupied and are able to be dogs which is a good thing. Now they are outside in the back yard just kicking back and enjoying the nice California weather. Thanks so much. You have some very nice quality Bully’s. Molly and I are very proud to share in your glory by having two of your pups. Anyone that researches other breeders in any detail will see that you are dedicated to the breed and your actions and energy are not for personal gain. You do so many little things that take alot of time that others elect not to do. It is not that they are bad…..t is that you are so good!

Thanks again

God Bless George Noland Moraga, CA

A big Thank you for my English bulldog


Hi Diego-Helen from Delaware here…we have your “Churchill”. I just wanted to email you to tell you how wonderful our new little man is:)

We love him to death. He seems very healthy and happy. I own a dog daycare and see several bulldogs come in and I will tell you they have had diff. problems with there pups. I am so happy that we choose you to get our bulldog. People are going nuts over him. So a big big thank you.

I was just on your site and can’t believe “Cleo” hasn’t been sold yet, so cute:)

Again-thank you.

Helen Jones


My English bulldog


Just wanted to let you know zuley seems to be doning really good she adjusted really nicely. I’m getting her into the vet tomorrow or monday for sure just for a check up. She is lovely she seems really smart and you were right no messes in her crate, I and my family are really happy with her she is beautiful. My little boy loves her and she gets along with him really good he doesn’t want to leave her side he calls her woo woo trying to say woof woof.


I will let you know after she goes to the vet and fax the paperwork or whatever you need. You did a really good job with her she seems to have a good personality.


Thanks again,


Virginia McCall in Galloway, Ohio April 1 2010




Thank you for our English bulldog



I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation in what I have found in dealing with you with my recent purchase of Titus.

Titus is my 4th English Bully that I have purchased so I have had some experience in the Bulldog purchase arena.

As you know there are many people in the business of selling bulldogs. Some are legitimate in their dealings and some are not. Due to the high cost of Bully’s the puppies are considered an attractive target for fraud or scams.

For the legitimate businesses there is still a layer of difference that can be found among the different breeders.

Some breeders are involved and provide an adequate deliverable. There are other breeders that are far fewer than those that are involved that I consider to be committed to a higher level of service as well as overall quality of the dog. Mauiexpo kennel falls into the special and rare category of being commited.

My experience with you and Mauiexpokennel has been unmatched in every aspect.

Everything has been exceptional at every stage of the process.

For example, I was quite surprised to have Titus on his first night automatically go into his crate when it was his bedtime.

This does not happen accidentally. It is obvious to me that not only do you breed superior dogs but you also spend quality time with them ensuring that they are as prepared to succesfully transition to their new homes with minimun stress You also made sure that my wife and I were properly prepared to receive Titus by maintaining a constant dialogue form both telephone and email.

A review of the diverse content of your website also clearly demonstrates your commitment to the breed.

If I should ever purchase another English Bully it will no doubt be from you.

Thank you so much for doing all of the little things that collectively make it a great experience for puppy and the new owner.

Titus is simply amazing and we can see a measureable difference in him both in conformation and temperament when compared to others. He is a well adjusted puppy….thanks to you and the extra care that you deliver in so many ways.


Thanks again,


George Noland Moraga, CA




My New English bulldog


I would highly recomend getting a dog from Mauiexpo Kennel. I bought my english bulldog puppy (Bowzer) from them and he is probably the most healthy looking looking puppy I have ever seen and a great addition to my family. Diego is very trustworthy and knowageable about dogs. I would not hesitate to buy another dog from him.



Josh and family from Hermansville, Michigan



Thank you for my English Bulldog puppy


I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for providing such an excellent service. My family and I recently adopted Candy- We’ve since renamed her Juno and she seems to really be enjoying our home and especially our daughter!


Juno is a great puppy, I am constantly complimented on my beautiful dog. She is pretty much completely house-broken already and the vet gave her an excellent report.


Purchasing a puppy online is a risky thing to do in today’s society and I am very impressed at how efficiently you run your business.


Thank you again for providing us with a perfect new member to our family and if you ever need a reference you are more than welcome to use us!


God Bless,


Chelsey Sear


Ambridge, PA




“My bulldog puppy is so Awesome”

Jalynx is awesome! She is a beautiful puppy-full of life and personality. I have some pictures that I would like to post to your website but am unfamiliar with how I can register and give you all of the credit you are due!If there are any issues, please let me know. Thanks again…I will be sure to pass on your breeder information to any and all that are interested in such fine dogs! Christy Colorado Springs,CO




!!Thank you

for such Beatiful bulldog Puppy!!


Hi Diego, I am Brianna’s mom, I am sending some cute pics of  TITUS, that has to be in capital letters because he is so awsome and cute. He has the best personailty and he is so sweet social and loving. We are enjoying him very much. HE loves it in Comptche, CA and we are having a great time with him. Thank you soo much for such an adorable and awesome puppy. Upperlake,CA


Archie the bulldog puppy!


I just wanted to thank you guys for the bundle of joy you have given us! Archie is getting so big and is super smart! Afer my fiancé bought the dog, the same day I recieved him. Thank you so much for Archie! (We ended up keeping his name; it fits him 🙂 Love, Luiz family


100% satisfied with our bulldog!


Our experience with MauiExpo Kennel was great. Diego was very helpful and worked with us to arrange for our puppy’s arrival. She arrived to us via air travel and was ready to play as soon as we let her out of the travel crate. She’s healthy, happy and doing great!


Amazing Breeder and Company, 100% TRUSTWORTHY or Bulldog is great!


Hi, My husband and I are from Maine. We are both Police Officers, so as expected we are very skeptical! We contacted Diego from maui expo kennel and from our first phone call, he was great! I looked into Diego’s website and company, which proved to be reputable, highly recommended and LEGIT! We purchased a 10 week old English Bulldog named Crimson! Crimson was flown from Miami to Logan Airport-MA. We had our Vet check him out and he is PERFECT!!! Thanks Diego!!! Always, Satisfied and delighted with Crimson ~ Maine



Linen is the best bulldog puppy ever


These people are amazing, my puupy is the smartest puppy I have ever had . Even if you just wan’t to see the puppy they bring it to you where ever you live. I highly recommend these people as the best BULLDOG BREEDER’S IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!


** My new Bulldog Puppy**


I need to share about how happy I am with my new pup Sid. He is a perfect specimen of the breed and has obviously been treated very well. He fit right in with my three little boys, French mastiff and kitty. It’s as if he has always been here! Thank you Diego for treating my dog so well and giving him the best start in life. I urge you to only use Maui Expo kennel !!!! If you are searching for a dog, my experience has been professional and will recommend Diego always. We will always be grateful we picked Diego as a breeder. Feel free to contact me if you are having any doubts.Boston,MA


Maui Expo Kennels #1 with their English bulldogs


At first, my husband was very anxious about buying a puppy online(or anything esle for that matter).But Diego and Melissa were wonderful about everything. I know it even cost them more than expected to ship my puppy, but they took care of everything. Cristian the young my who brought Topedo to us was very polite and informative. I would recommend Maui Expo Kennels to everyone. Their quick and have healthy beautiful puppies!!! Their true to their word and very trustworthy. Cynthia Pensacola, Florida


The best bulldog puppy experience I will ever have.


My name is Zachary Blackwood and I can’t say enough about Mauiexpo Kennel. Not only did they work with me on shipping my puppy from Miami to Las Vegas but they kept in contact with me for the entire process. The puppies they sell are very healthy and beautiful. Anyone would be lucky to get a puppy from Diego and the staff at Mauiexpo. Once again I would like to stress that they are infact the real deal when it comes to English Bulldogs. If anyone would like to contact me I can be reached at 702-286-3648. Please leave a message and I will return it asap.Las Vegas, Nevada


We love our new little English bulldog puppies


I highly recommend Mauiexpo Kennels My sister and I bought 2 English Bulldog Puppies from Deigo and he was so patient with us and our 100’s of phone calls and emails. He is very honest and Melissa was great, his assitant. Our new babies are so sweet and loving. We get so many compliments on them! Diego we will be emailing pictures very soon! Thanks Again! Tabitha & Angela in TN


My new bulldog puppy From Mauiexpo


What can I say …. I started dealing with Mauiexpo for the first time 4 months ago , when I was inquiring about getting a bulldog puppy. Diego was fantastic. He made me feel very well at ease from day one. He answered every question I had, and you would think that communicating by email would be long and tedious, but Diego always answered within an 8-hr time frame, sometimes so quick I didn’t even notice he sent the reply back already! Since I am in Canada, I had a lot of trepidation when sending the funds to him, since I didn’t know him and he didn’t know me. Each time, I felt like I made the wrong decision, Diego was right there to make me feel at ease again. I cannot recommend a better place than Mauiexpo and Diego 5 star organization all the way—committed to deliver a healthy puppy to you and also his key point is to make YOU as the customer happy. You can’t ask for more in a web based company. Thanks Diego, for your time, patience and understanding. It is for sure that I will visit you in Miami, and may even buy another puppy from you in the future. (Canada)


Totally Awesome Experience with our new baby bulldog


I was very skeptical about buying a puppy online or from a breeder that I wasn’t familiar with. There are alot of scam artist out there. I can honestly tell you, Mauiexpokennel is not one of them. I dealt with Diego and Melissa (his assistant)and they were very helpful and knowledgeable. The puppies were healthy and cared for. My puppy Buster, has a clean bill of health from my vet. He actually said that the care this bulldog had before us was the best he had ever seen. Very healthy puppy, very recommendable company. I can call them up day or night and they will answer the phone. I am actually relieved and thankful I shopped around and found Diego and Melissa. Hands down they are definitely the best, so don’t waste time with anyone else, I assure you, you won’t be sorry with Mauiexpo.






My Best Friend in the World (KENZO)


Hi Im very happy reciveing my puppy (Kenzo) he got here just find. All of my family loves him and friends they cant stop playing with him he’s a bitter shoes and takes them to a spot that he lays down he never crys when i leave him in a room when we have visiters he’s good a dog love him very much. I thank Diego and Melissa for everything on information on how my puppy was doing when we were getting alll his arrangments for him be here with me. I’ll send them a picture soon so everyone can see him on there website. I thank U one more time to Diego and Melissa and all the family for everything . ( David and Kenzo from Donna, Texas )




My husband and I were first time buyers of a puppy on-line so we were very skeptical. We ended up falling in love with Lehuan (a French Bulldog)and decided to take a chance. Diego and Melissa from Mauiexpo Kennels were AWESOME! We purchased our puppy one day and he arrived the next. Most importantly, healthy, happy and beautiful. He was the exact puppy that was pictured (you can tell by his markings). He just got a clean bill of health from our vet. This kennel is run by people who know what they are doing. They are very professional and most importantly you can tell that they take excellent care of their dogs. Feel free to email us if you have questions.(Holly wood, MD)


We LOVE Genghis (AKA Napoleon)


Well the little guy has been home for a few days now, he never cried and just clicked with me instantly (and the rest of my family and friends). He’s full of life and love, I wouldn’t trade the little ankle biter for anything. Everyone on St. Maarten stares and asks about my “cute” doggy. We also took him to the vet and she said he is a perfectly healthy bully, strong, no worms or anything of that sort. Thank You Diego and your family for finding me Genghis. You can check him out on youtube at (St Marteen, The Caribbean)


This is an english bulldog breeder you can trust!


We just received Joker (our bull dog) this morning! We bought him at 4 weeks and had to wait 4 long weeks before he got here but he was worth the wait. He seems to be adjusting well and is a very active and warm puppy. Diego kept in touch and responded to all of our emails while we were waiting for Joker to get here. Melissa made all of Joker’s flight arrangements and both Melissa and Diego followed up by phone later in the day to see how Joker was doing! I would recommend Mauiexpo to anyone looking for a puppy. Jerry and Marlene (Northern New Jersey)


Happy owner of an English Bulldog


I am a very happy first time owner of a beautiful English Bulldog. I bought this puppy from Diego because he is honest and everything he told me was proven true. He was always available to answer my questions and the shipping of the puppy went great. This puppy is fantastic, I searched thousands of puppy possibles and finally decided on this pup and he is a great little guy. He was the nicest looking that I could find,as well as the mom and dad. I highly recommend Diego at Mauiexpo Kennel Grand Junction, Colorado


Recommed * Mauiexpo Kennel *


and their bulldog puppies


I was very pleased with my puppy,the way the puppy looked (just like the picture) I wasn’t sure if he would really send me a puppy, since I’ve had a very bad experience with someone on the web before .I really appreciate his honesty.I would recommend him to my family and friends if they ever want a puppy.( Bay point, Ca.)







Successful Homecoming to our bulldog


I recently purchased a French bulldog puppy from Diego and I am absolutely thrilled with our new addition! I found Mauiexpo Kennel after my good friend purchased an English bulldog puppy from Diego just a month ago. Diego and those at Mauiexpo Kennel were fantastic to work with! Diego answered all my questions promptly and made it possible for us to bring home our new puppy at our convenience. Our puppy arrived home safely and he is happy and healthy! We are lucky to have found a reputable breeder who had our best interests (and our puppy’s) at heart. We trusted Diego with Mauiexpo Kennels with payment and our puppy and we were not disappointed; neither will you! The hardest part was waiting for him to come home. Thank you Mauiexpo Kennels! Samantha (Anaheim, CA)



Dream dogs and bulldogs


Hi, I had went around in circles trying to find someone who was a legitimate and honest breeder. I was about to give up when I ran across Diego at Mauiexpo kennels. He not only sells dogs he truley loves his dogs. It made the experience so much easier. Thank You Diego. God Bless You. Mark Gracia Bahama N.C. My Dog Rocks!!!


Rufian aka “Rowdy”


This entire experience has been completely wonderful. From the first time I spoke with Diego until we recieved our newest member of the family everything has been top notch. Our English Bully is the most we behaved and well adjusted puppies we have every seen and he had no problems adjusting to his new home here in Maine. Diego and Melissa have been very professional the entire time and when it come time to get our second Bully, I won’t hesitate to call upon them again. Thanks for the great experience. Jody & Geena in Brunswick, ME.




We just received our beautiful English Bulldog from Mauiexpokennels yesterday! What a joy! I found Diego’s Ad searching the Web for Bulldogs and it was fate! He is The most kind and caring and honest man to deal with. His wisdom and expertise with this Breed along with his MauiExpo Team made this transaction a wonderful experience! To those of you who are skeptical about this whole process, Dont be! If you are going to get English Bulldog look no further! What a difference this dog has made in our lives. We have had him one day and we cant imagine our lives with out him! Thanks to Diego and his staff for all their help. Knowing you can trust him was the best feeling of all. Feel free to email me about Diego and our new dog Ozzy! Much love to all! Cathie Glass Manchester-by-the-Sea MA…..


Tank a/k/a Jack THE BULLDOG


Working with Diego and Melissa was great. Melissa was such a very sweet and accommodating person. Our new precious puppy is just a ball of love and joy. He has been checked out by my vet and is in wonderful health. I would truely recommend using Mauiexpo Kennel to anyone looking for an english bulldog. Thank you again Diego and Melissa. Cape Coral, Florida.


!!!Otis Aka Tommy bulldog puppy!!!


Sorry it took so long. I wanted to have some pics to send with this referal. I

would definetly recomend you to anyone. Thanks again for all that you have done

for us. We love Otis (Aka Tommy)! He is an awsome dog and we couldn’t ask for better. We have a Guinee Pig and Otis has become best of friends with him. I

was sure that he might one day become dinner! I turned my back for a minute and

the dog actually went into the pigs cage and layed down. I am sending a pic

because I never would have believed it! If you ever need anyone to vouch for you

and your wonderful dogs, have them call me or my wife at 219-661-0259 or email

me at I will be glad to tell them how happy our whole family

is with our new (well not so new now) puppy!!Robert Brummett and family South Bend, Indiana


Top bulldog puppies


What can I say, buying a baby bull is a tough process with so many fraudulent “breeders” in the business. Working with Diego has truly been a blessing, he always picks up his phone at all times of the day to answer any questions. My puppy, Leroy Jenkins, is a little ball of energy. My whole family loves him (not to mention the girls). I would recommend Diego to anyone wanting to invest in a quality pup. He is the real deal. The Ortega Brothers – Miami, FL


Our new baby bulldog girl Princess Ginger


My family and I can not thank Diego and Melissa enough. We purchased a beautiful English Bulldog puppy on April 11, she arrived on schedule on the 14th. She was all we were hoping for. Diego is a wonderful person, helpful in the entire purchasing process. Melissa handled everything we needed in assuring our puppy’s safe and scheduled arrival. I have never purchased anything on line before and with such caring people, available by e-mail or by phone purchasing such precious cargo I would not hesitate to do it again with Mauiexpokennel. Thanks so much Diego and family, we love our baby girl.Trenton, NJ


Amazing Experience and beatiful bulldogs


When looking for an English Bulldog puppy my fiance and I ran into scam after scam after scam. Maui Expo Kennels was anything but a scam. Diego and Melissa were AMAZING. They were never too busy to answer any questions and even called us the night that we received our puppy to ensure our satisfaction and give us some helpfuly tips on bulldogs. Lily, the new baby, is absolutely beautiful and has the most calm, sweet temperment you could ever imagine. Please feel free to contact me for a personal reference ( I would definately buy from MauiExpo kennels without hesitation. They made the experience truly amazing and I thank them for the great opportunity to own one of their beautiful pups.Cambridge, MA


Sugar out new bulldog pup


Diego at Mauiexpo Kennel was a big help and I greatly appreciate it.Our family loves Sugar the bull terrior. We received her just as he said we would and with all her pappers and up dated shot record. We will be recommending Mauiexpo Kennel to everyone we know. Houston, Texas


Our New Little Girl bulldog


I just purchased a wonderful little girl (English Bull Terrier) (Pie) from Diego at Maui Expo Kennel! The purchase was very smooth. Our new addition arrived today on schedule. She was very happy to see us. She is very enthusiastic and loveable. Diego and Melissa were always available to answer my questions, Diego even called to make sure she arrived and to make sure we were happy. If you are looking to purchase a puppy, I would highly recommend Maui Expo Kennels. Jacksonville, FL


Another Satisfied Customer thanks for the great bully


I have been searching for several months to find the right pup for our family. we looked locally and found little generic’s far over priced. so my web search began and thankfully I found Mauiexpo after days of searching the internet. the scam alert impressed me. Mauiexpo’s references assured me. we all want the most for our money.after all we work hard for it.with all the scams out there we must be extremely careful. I knew this was a legitimate website and I could rest with eaze. I saw Luly and also knew she was “the one” mauiexpo took care of everything a new kennel,fresh food,water and all the arrangements all that was required from me was the drive to pick her up from the air port. Luly’s picture online did not do her justice she was far cuter.she was exuding with confidence.I was over whelmed with happiness. I know my money was well spent. and will be back to purchase my lil” Luly a companion very soon. thank you Mauiexpo you guy’s are awesome.Birmingham,Alabama

 Here are some more Mauiexpo Kennel reviews and testimonials

***Everyone Loves Cheif The bulldog ***


I was one of those people who was kind of so so on buying a dog like this on the internet but Diego was such a pleasure to work with and he is willing to accomidate you in anyway possible so you can get your new little buddy. The dog is awesome. He has a well tempermant, beautiful color and well behaved for a puppy. If I was going to buy another English Bulldog I would go through Maui Expo. I had an awesome experience buying from him, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you so much Diego. ~Tatiana and Brandon~Florida


Great experience with bulldog breeder


If you are concerned about buying a puppy over the internet and from a breeder you have never met, rest easy. I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time being anxious because the whole experience from beginning to end was very good. Diego is very easy to contact (by email and by phone). The service they provide is a well oiled machine and the end result is a beautiful healthy well adjusted puppy. Despite being a little shaken from the experience of being shipped around the country, my little girl settled in within minutes of meeting me. She came to me very well socialized. She passed her health check the next day. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to buy a puppy from now on and would recommend Diego and Mauiexpo Kennel to anyone. Salem MA


!!I bought my bulldog from Mauiexpo Kennel!!


For anyone who is planning on buying a bulldog puppy, I highly recommend Mauiexpo Kennel. I dealt with Diego Rojas, who was not only professional but also very honest and kind. I have had my puppy for about a month and she is amazing. She’s beautiful and healthy. I was hesitant about purchasing a puppy online and having it shipped, but the process went smoothly. If I am to buy another bulldog in the future, it will be from the same breeder. There are many internet scams out there…Mauiexpo Kennel is not one of them! If you purchase a dog from them-relax and enjoy! -Alexandra Phair Lowell,MA


Luigi our bulldog puppy loves Alaska!!!


We just got our new puppy from mauiexpo kennel! They were great, we got our puppy within a day after the payment! We love him so much. We wanted to find the perfect bulldog, And we found him right away with you guys. Thank you sooo much for our new addition to our family! 🙂 Nichole & Robert Alaska


!!! Awsome Doggie !!!


Maui Expo gave me the best service that I have ever recieved from a breeder. I thoroughly enjoyed dealing with with them. Not only do they breed great Bullies they give awsome customer care. Thank you guys for all of your help. Brandon Phoenix AZ


Farley aka Winston English bulldog


I have always wanted a bulldog and when my husband said I could get one I started my search. I was looking in the paper and on the internet for months. I wanted a brindle male bulldog and could not find one anywhere. Then one afternoon I stumbled across mauiexpo and found the puppy of my dreams. Diego took the time to talk with me and answer any questions I had. He sent me pictures and videos. The whole process was easier then I thought it would be. I highly recommend Mauiexpo to anyone who is looking for a bulldog. Farley is beautiful and healthy. I’m so thankful to have found Mauiexpo.SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA


Thanks so much for the great bulldogs you sell!!!


I can’t say enough good things about Mauiexpo Kennel! Although I live several states away (in NC), the transaction was easy and smooth. Everyone was so kind in offering all the assistance I needed, and answered all of my questions.I was somewhat hesitant to purchase a puppy from a breeder I found online, but after months of searching for that perfect English Bulldog puppy/breeder I found Willy at Mauiexpo Kennel! I could not be happier. He arrived at the nearest airport within two days of my purchase! Willy is very well socialized and is so good with my two young sons. He has the nicest disposition, not to mention the sweetest face! I will recommend Mauiexpo Kennels to anyone interested in the breeds they provide- that includes family and friends. If I am ever looking for a puppy of any of the breeds they provide I will certainly look to Mauiexpo Kennel! Sincerely and happily, Teresa Wiers- Havelock (MCAS Cherry Point), NC




Bella The English Bulldog


After searching the internet for hours looking for the right breeder. I came across Mauiexpo Kennels, within the first couple of mintues , I knew I wanted one of there puppies! There website is very informative, and lets you know of the scam artist that are out there.After contacting them and speaking with Deigo,we knew for sure that this was the breeder that we want to get our new puppy from.They delivered the puppy to us, and we were very happy with her!! Her pictures didnt do her justice. She is a very health and happy little pup.She has been a great addititon to our family.So if your looking for a great puppy, make sure you check out Mauiexpo Kennels.You will not be disappointed. Weston Florida




If looking for and English Bulldog we highly recommend Maui Expo Kennel in Miami, Florida. We purchased 2 beautiful enlish bulldogs from Diego. He was never to busy to take our calls and give us any information that we required, he answered any questions we had and was very informative and helpful. Our 2 beautiful new family members arrived at Vancouver Airport safe and sound. They have to be the healthiest puppies I’ve ever seen in my life. After our vet check 2 days later we found our puppies to be the fittest and healthiest ever. I would definitely recommend Maui Expo Kennel to anyone interested in purchasing a bulldog. We will definitely keep in touch with them. Thank you Diego.Vancouver, Canada.









Excellent Experience nice bulldogs


Diego and the entire Maui Expo Team were FANASTIC. We received an adorable english bulldog yesterday here in Chicago and we couldnt be more pleased. The dog is gorgeous and well behaved – and everyone on Diego’s team made the experience wonderful! If you have any questions AT ALL please contact me via email at Wallis and Levi – Chicago Illinois


Never thought that buying a bulldog puppy could be so rewarding!!!


I have been looking for an english bulldog for 4-5 years, always been skeptical about what I would end up with. But at Mauiexpo Kennel, they treated me fair, I have a beautiful baby girl and she is perfect!! My wife and I really appreciate these folks taking the time to answer any questions and then following up with us after Chassy arrived, I will always do business with Mauiexpo Kennels, they are people you can trust. Philip Franks, Temple, Texas.






We love our bulldog puppy!!!


We found our english bulldog puppy at and they had lots of puppies to choose from, but they were going fast! The website is easy to use and well put together with good pictures of the puppies. We lived close enough to drive over and pick her out, even though they ship them. They are kept well and the puppies were happy and healthy and so cute! We love our little girl so much, she’s very sweet. Everyone was very nice and informative thankyou Maui expo kennel! Florida,highly recommended bulldog breeders.


Our new baby bulldog puppie !!


We purchased Kamy from Diego with mauiexpo kennel. We tried to purchase a bulldog from someone else, the dog never came. Then we found Diego and he was very honest and worked with us. We were very nervious, but know matter what he always made us feel comfortable. Before any money was given he answered any and every question that we had. He made our experience with buying a puppy out of state and over the internet excellent. We want to buy a male in the future and we will defently be calling Diego back. And we would recomend him to all. Natalie & Giovanni Garcia Fullerton, CA



Purchase of Puppy English bulldog


WOW! blown away on how healthy and happy this puppy came to our family, He is the most adorable puppy and his personality is wonderfull. Diego is the best at questions and did not mind helping. I would send anyone to this breeder in a heartbeat. Thanks A Bunch, The Rourke Family.Easthamptom MA.



My first web bulldog Puppy (Konan)


Mauiexpo is an excellent choice. I searched the internet for about 2 months before I felt safe enough to buy. Nothing but praises on their site, now I know why. When I finally purchased my puppy, they kept me up to date with his status, and answered some of the many questions I had. If you are planning on getting a puppy, look no further. Thank you so much Mauiexpo (Mr. Rojas)! Valencia, California,highly recommended bulldog breeder.


Excellent A+ All The Way with our English bulldog


I was very impressed with Mauiexpo Kennel and all of the people that work for them. I always received returned phone calls and the puppy turned out to be the exact thing we wanted. They went over and above. I would recommend Mauiexpo Kennel to anyone who is looking for a new addition to their family! They were the greatest. New Smyrna Beach, Florida


The Perfect Lil Bulldog Girl Valentina (heidy)


Mauiexpo Kennel is extremely proffessional,honest,caring and trustworthy. You can put trust in their hands,and know that they will have everthing takin care of and they will always be a step ahead. Our loven family just purchase/adopted Heidy, our fist english bulldog and our first dog. Even after a long day of traviling heidy was as happy as could be when she arrived. I came a across a lot of scammers, and i had just about last hope when i found Diego, he has helped me get the best puppy ever and my kids love heidy very much. Diego is very polite and proffessional. He takes time to address all qustons and concern.Our family could not be more happer. It just completed our family with 3 kids and a beautiful bulldog. I do recommend purchasing a dog from Diego and proble will do myself..I just want to say one last thing thanks to Diego and Catalina and to everone at Mauixpo Kennel, you guys are the best. GOD BLESS YOU. Love,Aponte Family From Palmer Ma.


Thank you…. for my English bulldog


Purchasing Bobby was a great experience the breeder was very honest and made me feel 100% comfortable with my purchase, Bobby is a great happy health puppy and I would strongly recommend buying from Mauiexpo kennel!! Sacramento, California


Greatest bulldog breeders ever!


Luis and Diego were very helpful and a pleasure to do business with. Without them i would have never received the greatest friend anyone could ask for, my little english bulldog! Very friendly and great with people and animals. Everywhere he goes he gets so many compliments on how well behaved he is and awesome he looks. I feel so proud as an owner. So if you are ever looking for an english bulldog, french bulldog, english bull terriers, french mastiffs I would definitley recommend doing business with Mauiexpo Kennel, I know I will be! West Palm Beach, Florida


Thank You Very Much for the beatiful bulldog!!


Thank you very much for our beautiful English Bulldog. Shes a wonderful addition to our family. Melissa and Diego were a great help they answered any questions I had and when I found the puppy on Saturday the next day she was in our arms. I highly recommend this breeder to anyone whos looking for a great dog for your family. ~Guevara Family Salida, California


Outstanding bulldogs


We just purchased/adopted Tammy, our first English Bulldog from Mauiexpo Kennel. They were fantastic to deal with and made the process as easy as possible. Even after a long day of travelling, Tammy was as happy as could be when she arrived. Diego and Carlos both called the next day to ensure her safe arrival and to see how she was fitting in. I recommend Mauiexpo Kennel to anyone interested in getting an English Bulldog. If you would like to contact me about this seller, please feel free to email me and I would happy to provide you with more information. Canada


Snoopy the bulldog


I just received snoopy from Mauiexpo kennel. What a great bunch of guys. My puppy was deliverd promptly Diego and the staff was very helpfull and made my first experinece buying a puppy through the internet a pleasant one. I highly recommned them and look forward to buying my next EB from them. California


Our Little “Lady” English bulldog Jamie & Jarrod Saunders


Mauiexpo kennel is extremely professional, honest, caring and trustworthy. They have Great Communication!! You can put your trust in their hands and know that they will have everything taken care of and will always be one step ahead. You can tell that they care for the puppies with a lot of love and excellent care. They are very well socialized. I wouldn’t have chosen to do business with anyone else. She is more than what we could have wished for. She is a perfect fit for our family and lifestyle. She already is making herself at home here. We prayed to find the perfect dog for us but were starting to become very discouraged by all false ads posted and learned that most pet stores buy their puppies from puppy mills. After talking to Diego even the first time we felt at peace and in no time at all, our little baby girl came home. Mauiexpo kennel is worth your time and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Virginia


Mauiexpo Kennel Best in Show! with their English bulldogs


This is our first Bulldog and Diego and company walked me thru everything. It was incredibly easy and they are wonderful, HONEST, and helpful. My puppy arrived safe and sound just as promised! We will definately buy from Mauiexpo Kennel again. Peace! Janit and Ben New Yersey



The Perfect Lil baby bulldog puppy


I just purchased Snow from Mauiexpo and I couldn’t have made a better purchase. I came across a lot of scammers, and I had just about lost hope when I found Diego, he has helped me get the best puppy ever, and my kids love her very much. I definately recommend Mauiexpo if your looking for a well cared for and loved puppy. Diego is there every step of the process, and is always willing to answer any questions, with lots of professionalism. Thanks Very Much Diego!!!! Alma Ramirez




My husband and I searched many websites and ads before we came across the mauiexpo kennel. We couldn’t be more satisfied with our new boy Syon. We kept his given name, because it seems to suite him. Diego and his team made sure that everything went smoothly, and we talked several times over the phone. I felt very comfortable with mauiexpo, and we will use them again in the future!Everyone seems drawn to syon, he is a great puppy thank you all so much! Feel free to email me with any questions, but I assure you that they can answer all your questions even if you don’t adopt a puppy from them!


Great experience!!!!


I just purchased my first Dogue de Bordeaux (french Mastiff) and it was my first online purchase as well. I could not be happier with the puppy, she is wonderful and so loving. The only thing that tops my puppy is the great service that I recieved. The transaction couldn’t have been smoother. I recieved my puppy the very next day that I spoke to Diego. He was so nice and very accomodating. Thanks so much to you guys at Mauiexpo kennels!! Jackie – New Jersey


Second Time Buyer we have purchased 2 English bulldogs


We were in the market for a second Bully and Diego really helped us out. Our puppy came a few days ago and she is energetic, has such a personality, and is very smart. Both our bullies get along well. If we ever decide to get a third, we would use Diego again, and would recommend him to anyone looking for an English bulldog.


Kind, caring and patient,

Excellent folks!


I was looking for a companion for my Bull Terrier Chico and came across the Mauiexpo Kennel web site. What a find!! Diego,Catalina and Luis were there for me right from the start as I was concerned about buying a puppy on the internet and the distance my new puppy had to fly to get here. Diego kept in close contact with me & even spent 45 minutes with me on the phone at his expense to answer my many questions. My new puppy arrived and is beautiful and doing great, I even gave him the name Diego! If I thought that I could handle more than 2 Bull Terriers I would definetly buy another puppy from Mauiexpo but I think I’ll have my hands full with Chico and Diego. If you’re looking for the kind of puppy that Diego breeds this is the place to do business. Feel free to contact me at any time. 207-872-6753



Excellent People, Excellent Pets great bulldogs


I just got my puppy today and I am extremely satisfied. He is even better in person than his pictures portrayed him to be.Diego is very polite and professional. He takes the time to address all questions and concerns. Buy with confidence. I am so happy with my bullie and it’s all thanks to



Our Beautiful BULLDOG Puppy, Ava


We got our puppy from Mauiexpo Kennel and could not be happier! We have an amazing girl puppy who is sweet, friendly and beautiful. Our experience with Mauiexpo was wonderful. They were extremely helpful and kept in contact with us even after we had our dog. They were able to ship our puppy within the same day we contacted the kennel! We could not be more happier. I am just in love with my dog! I would definitely use them again, should I be in the market for another beautiful bulldog! ~Lauren and Dylan



My first Bulldog


I was in search for the right Bulldog..I didnt care how long it was going to take but i wanted to be fully blown away by the dog i was about to purchase..I basically wanted an all white male bulldog with a brown pirate eye..I searched all over the internet and finally found Mauiexpo. My search was over..Immeadiately I took action and made a phone call to Diego. He told me Tom (my dog) was available. So I made my payment and within a few days the dog was flown to my local airport. I was extremley happy!! Diego is very understanding and personable so it made my experience buying the dog great. I do recommend purchasing a dog from Diego and probably will do again myself..John Moulton Boston,Ma



Thanks to Diego and everyone at Mauiexpo kennel for our bulldog


I just bought my first puppy (Gasper) and it was an English bulldog. I received the dog last week and he is the best puppy I have ever seen. He is friendly to everyone, strangers especially! In one week I got nearly 10000 comments about how nice the dog is, and to my self I said thanks to Diego and mauiexpokennel because they made it happen. The dog is well trained and he listens to me more than my kids do. The mauiexpokennel and especially Diego has been friendly to me and helped me so much because it was my first puppy. Anytime I had a question they were there to answer it for me. If I ever buy another dog it will definitely be from mauiexpokennel, because they have the best dogs and most importantly the best service in the whole entire world. It seemed like they cared about my dog more than I did! That’s what makes them the best. I just want to say one last thanks to Diego and Catalina and to everyone at mauiexpokennel, you guys are the best. GOD BLESS


My 2nd bulldog Puppy


I would like to take the opportunity to make a comment. My first puppy Hennesey Jack has been heaven sent! I took him to the groomer today and she could not believe how great natured he was. He was surrounded by a bunch of strange dogs and cats and never barked or whined. In fact he just wanted to play with them I have four children and a cat whom he adores and of course we all adore him too. I could not imagine my life without him. He has become one of the family and is very special. It was all because Diego at Mauiexpo Kennel obviously takes great care of these animals and produces a QUALITY English Bulldog. I felt so confident in doing business with him once, that I contacted him a month later to purchase another pup from him. Hennesey has been so healthy and happy that I just had to have another. I STRONGLY recommend Diego and his family to anyone. I have had many phone calls looking for references and I look forward to any future ones. I didn’t do it once but twice and just for the record, I got two males because I am not interested in breeding. I will leave that to Diego, he definitely knows what he is doing! Good Luck Diego and to your family. You are obviously good people! For references call Vicky @ 315-654-2087




English bulldogs


I received Nikita in great condition at the airport last night ( 12/22/06 ) . We did’nt even wait to get to the car , took her out of her crate right there at the terminal , in fact the attendant gave us scissors to open the cage. Everyone at the airport ” ooooh’d and aaaaah’d ” over her. She slept in my wifes lap all the way home , about a 2 1/2 hr ride. When we got home our daughters 11 and 6 were eagerly awaiting our arrival. Nikki ( Nikita ) went down on the floor and went right to playing with my girls without any hesitation. You can just tell she was a loved Pup . Thanks again for all your help and such a flawless transaction. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a quality pup. I know we’d buy again.



Have a wonderful Holiday Season

Rob Lien


-Our baby bulldog Conny


I received Conny yesterday Dec 14,2006 and could not have been happier. Conny arrived so bubbly and so loving. Conny took no time at all to make herself at home! She is perfect. Diego and Catalina are so professional!! They answer any questions you have and kept you updated on your puppy. They were vey easy to deal with and would recommend them to anyone looking for a bulldog. If anyone has any doubts about Mauiexpo kennels, I would be more than happy to assure anyone( that Diego and Catalina are the best! THANKS AGAIN MARSHA


-Our bulldog puppy-


I wanted tell to tell everyone that yesterday December 14, 2006, I received Cleopatra from Mauixpo Kennel. I wanted to tell everyone that this is the most beautiful puppy I have ever seen. She was perfect. Also that finding a puppy is hard and making that decision is harder but finding someone that works with you, that is honest and that cares for the puppy and not the sale is priceless. Diego and Catrina have been wonderful in answering my questions, being honest with me about the puppy, they called me to let me know she was on her way, they called to make sure I received her and to make sure she was ok, they called me that night to see how she was doing. They are definately someone that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new member of the family (puppy). I could not have been any more happier. Thank you both for your kindness and all of your help and most of all for not being another scam that I had previously been involved with.


-Mauiexpokennel is the number 1 in bulldog breeder!!!!


we purchased capone from Diego and catalina at mauiexpo kennels, and we 100% satisfied with our new puppy!! mauiexpo is very professional and caring to their customers, and we highly recommend anyone who is in the market for a puppy to contact mauiexpo ASAP! for the best quality and most beautiful puppies ever! very reasonable prices aswell. everything about the transaction went very well and on time to the T. thank you so much mauiexpo! thank you for bringing more joy to our family!


– My 5yr. olds BIRTHDAY GIFT our baby English bulldog !


I just want to tell everyone what a wonderful experience it was. My son and daughter both love the puppy to death his name is CHAUNCEY. He is now 3months old and part of the family. Thankyou 100 times over Diego and your family for a beautiful healthy english bulldog puppy! If anyone has any questions call anytime 845-546-4184 N.Y. ask for Tami.






Hey, any one who is interested in buying a dog I highly recommend to buy one from an informative, honest, trustworthy breeder like Diego. I can not say enough good things to say about Diego. You are more than welcome to call me, Nancy in CT, at (860)449-8205 after 7pm because I work third shift…we love chopper and Diego as well .







Until just recently, I was doubtful about purchasing a puppy through the internet. Until one afternoon I was browsing for bulldogs and I was awe struck by this handsome pup by the name of Sumo. I wrote down the contact info and decided to give MAUIEXPO KENNEL a call. Diego answered the phone and I immediately found him to be consistently pleasant, it was a friendly conversation in which we exchanged emails. 15 Minute later I was just flabbergasted with the pictures of Sumo and his Mom and Dad. I WAS SOLD!!! I purchased him immediately. MAUIEXPO KENNEL uses for payment extremely safe and reliable. Diego really takes care of his clients he is extraordinary helpful with suggestions and help for your particular breed. I highly recommend Diego and MAUIEXPO KENNEL for your next pup purchase. I will be purchasing Sumo a wife from Diego in the near future. Sincerely, Ryan Tackling






Hi my name is Jesse, i recently bought a Bulldog his name is Jay i got him at 11 weeks old and he is great all around looks, attitude and energy. Diego is a great seller i live in Oregon three hours from Portland and he can send the dog anywhere i thought it would have been harder then what it really was, he not only sold me his dog but gave me his friendship and i can call him for whenever i need info or advice. Diego sent me pictures, pedigree, and much more information on the dog before i bought Jay. I would be more than happy to be a strong references for Diego either by email ( or by cell (541-314-3939). He is not just a businessman but i greater friend.






I purchased Tanner whose name now is Hennesey Jack. The whole transaction was so smooth. No stress what so ever. There was an issue with my trying to purchase pup on my credit card but he still snet the pup and I wired the money to I had my puppy for a couple of days before I wired the money and Diego was great about the whole process. I strongly recommend him to anyone and will consider doing business again in the future. The whole secrow process is completely stress free and protects both the buyer and seller. Anytime I needed to reach Diego, he answered the phone. again if you want a great quality bulldog and want to feel completely safe in doing so, look no further. Diego is your guy!! Thanks a million! Vicky Burroughs Cape vincent, NY 315-654-2087




– GREAT PEOPLE TO DEAL WITH -awesome bulldogs for sale-


I previously had a bad experience online and was hesistant to deal with a breeder via the internet. The people of MAUIEXPOKENNEl(Diego and Catalina) made me feel very comfortable and any questions I had they answerered. They let me take my time in picking the right dog and walked me through every step to ensure proper delivery and payment of the dog. He is a great dog and I stand behind MAUIEXPOKENNEL 100% COLETTE@NYLABEL.COM





After recovering from life-threatening injuries sustained in Operation Iraqi Freedom, I chose to make my dreams of owning a quality English Bulldog a reality. I was fortunate enough to see Picasso’s picture during my search, and fell for him immediately! After contacting Diego, he helped me with all the details, including worry-free funding of the transaction, to contacting me when Picasso was shipped, and once again to verify his safe arrival. It stunned me that a breeder would follow through to this degree. I am so delighted with my healthy, vibrant puppy! Leroy (formerly named Picasso) is a perfect bully in every respect. One thing the pictures couldn’t show was his playful, affectionate nature. I am doubly blessed by this! Mauiexpo is now certainly my breeder of choice, and I would most emphatically urge anyone considering an investment in a puppy to do the same! Those requesting references can contact me at , or by cell at (814) 207-6847.





We received our darling little bully from Diego. The communication was excellent, the transaction was simple and well organized. We used an escrow service that guaranteed our purchase would be a safe one. Diego is a fantastic breeder to deal with. He was there when we had concerns about flight issues and payment transactions. We are from Canada and had many concerns over the distance that our Shaz would have to fly. He arrived in great health and high spirits. The airline took great care of our bully. This was our first transaction online and we are lucky to have dealt with Diego. He was very professional and courteous. If you are looking to buy a bully Diego is the man to see. When we decide to add another bully to our family it will be through Diego. If you would like any further information you may contact me at and I would gladly answer all your questions and share all our experiences with getting our new bully. By: Michelle & James

Smooth Transaction, Great, Healthy puppy!


Thank you for the english bulldog!!!!


I bought a bull dog pup from Diego about a week ago. Diego was professional but at the same time very personable. We spoke many times by phone through the ordering/shipping process. The puppy arrived and she got a full checkup with the vet. She’s in perfect health and couldn’t be happier. The vet even looked over 1 year health guarantee and said it looked very good. All in all, wonderful buying experience, please don’t hesitate to purchase a dog from Diego, you won’t be dissappointed. Aaron B. 434-566-3883







From the first moment I showed interest in purchasing a French Bulldog from Mauiexpo Kennel, the associate that I worked with (Diego) was nothing but helpful. Communication was fast and easy, and could not have been more pleasant. Payment was made through PayPal which was very simple. I received my puppy last night and he is absolutely perfect, playful and affectionate. I am located in Los Angeles, and picking up the puppy was quick and easy. Buy from this breeder with 100% confidence. All documentation was received with puppy, and he arrived fully vaccinated up to 8 weeks. Feel free to contact me as a reference in regards to Mauiexpo Kennel. I am extremely pleased with this transaction and would like to do business again soon.




I had very nice and easy transaction with this seller. He was very honest and trustworthy. everything went smoothly, and my new puppy arrived safe and very healthy. I would recommend him strongly. I love my new puppy!! Andrea.

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