Milk Re-placer For New Born Puppies | Milk Re-placer for newborn puppies

The best milk re-placer for new born puppies

I have been breeding English bulldogs for many many years and through out my breeding carries I have tried practically everything you guys can imagine to replace the moms milk when they are not producing any milk.

I want to be honest and tell you that there is nothing better then the bitches milk, nothing can replace the Colostrum, sucking stimulation and the nutrients that the bitch gives a puppy after she has whelped, so if it is only necessary or an emergency you should replace the moms milk with the formula.

What i have done this year and has worked really well, is while I am doing the C-section I save the placentas from each gestational sack and I feed the bitch after she wakes up, this believe it or not has made my females

produce better milk and be better moms, some doctors may tell you that it is a myth, but I am telling you that i has worked for me, i can honestly tell you that it makes a huge difference when i give me bitches the placentas after they wake up, it may sound nasty but that is nature, and if every other breed in the world eats them, I think God has made a reason for this, there has to be a reason why bitches eat the placentas after each puppy is born.

I put them i a zip lock back and just grab them in my hand with a glove and they eat them right of my hand, I tell you it works, so if you can save the placentas after each surgery and give your bitches I guarantee you that you will see a big difference.

The milk re-placer formula I give my puppies is the following:

The first thing you have to do that it is a must is weigh each puppy, this is the most important thing to do!!! if you don’t weigh each puppy you might over feed the puppy or underfeed the puppy so it is better to be exact.

Buy a scale in OZ of Grams and the formula is for each 1 OZ of weight you give them 1 cc of the formula every 2 hours the first 2 days and every 3 hours after day 3, if you have a scale in grams, than for each 100 grams you feed them 3.5 cc in the same timely manner.

Milk Re Placer formula for new born puppies any breed.

1. 1 Can of evaporated milk of Goats milk

2.  12 OZ of sugar free yogurt or low sugar yogurt unflavored (preferably)

3. 1 Table spoon of normal mayonnaise the more fat the better.

4. 1 Tea spoon of Karo syrup

5. 1 Egg yolk

6. Buy a pound of liver and boil it, the water left over after you boil it than you incorporate it to the mix, just the liver water not the liver. ( after it has cooled down)

7. Buy any baby multivitamin in drops and put 40 drops each time you prepare the formula.


This formula is good for 2 weeks in the fridge weigh all the puppies at once, and if all of them weigh 200 oz then take out 200 cc and warm that up, so you do not take out more than you should, only

warm up what ever you are going to use in that feeding, Good luck and let me know how it worked out if you have any questions please feel free to call me or email me at any time.



Diego Rojas

Mauiexpo Kennel





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