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English bulldog Wrinkle Cleaning Technique

Why clean face folds, tear stains, nose folds, tail pocket on your English bulldog:


Part of your English bulldogs unique love is the flat nose and wrinkled face. These adorable characteristics make the English bulldog breed one of the most popular. Unfortunately these cute wrinkles can get moisture in them. And when they do, there is nothing yeast likes better than a dark warm moist place to grow and multiply like crazy.


If left untreated, the yeast will spread and start to itch and cause your dog to scratch or rub her face across the rug. Left untreated, these minor infections can lead to bigger, systemic infections. And what is worse, these yeast infected areas really stink, which can really inhibit your cuddle time!

Many people think English bulldogs are naturally stinky animals. They are not! All they need is you to take a few moments to clean their faces. How often? weekly or monthly or whenever necessary (you will know by the smell). Note: when you bathe your English bulldog, take care not to get water into the folds and unwittingly cause this yeast problem.


Supplies Needed for Cleaning your English bulldog:


• Cotton balls

• Cotton swabs e.g. Q-tips

• Sterile Eye Wash available at pet or drug stores e.g. Optopixs

• Corn starch, available at grocery stores

• Anti-fungal cream for extreme cases e.g. Monostat available at drug or grocery



Restraining your English bulldog



To effectively clean your bulldogís wrinkles, you need to keep the dog from running away. I used to chase my dog all over the house until I came up with this simple and easy technique:




1. coax you bulldog over with a tasty treat

2. turn the dog around so her tail end is facing you

3. squat down and put one of your knees on the ground, the other remaining up

4. pull the English bulldog is butt back in-between your knees, snugly, so she can it back up and

get away from you.

5. hold your English bulldog by the chest to keep her from running forward, this can be done

with one hand, leaving the other free to clean


Cleaning Technique:




I have tried many wrinkle cleaning techniques (including Baby Wipes, Stridex Medicated Pads, never peroxide) and have found this to be the best, and hereís why. Alcohol or peroxide are very strong chemicals that can further irritate the dogís skin, drying it out and actually damaging cells. This can create worse problems. Sterile Eye Wash is a great product because you can accidentally get it your dogís eyes without harming them. This is not the case with peroxide or any alcohol based product which can severely irritate the eye. Another word of caution. Baby powder, Gold Bond powder, and other talcum powders contain known carcinogens and have actually been shown to further irritate skin. Corn

starch is non toxic and an excellent absorption material. I know you are thinking you want to dry out the area to reduce moisture and stop the

spread of yeast, fungus, and bacteria. But if you use harsh chemicals you may cause open sores and infection. And you most definitely will cause your bulldog a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering.



So here is the cleaning process for your English bulldog:



1. saturate a cotton pad very wet with sterile eye wash

2. place it in the nose fold or wrinkle or tear stain area or tail pocket  for the nose

fold, place one hand around your bulldogs snout and pull up above the nose with

your thumb to expose the deep folded area (this is also a good way to check the

nose fold to see when to clean)

3. let it sit for a while to loosens up in the dark crusty crud that may have built up

4. rub the cotton ball in the fold area, with the fur, against the fur, sideways and pick

up all kinds of crud

5. repeat with new cotton ball if needed until cotton ball appears clean

6. take a new dry cotton ball or soft piece of cloth and wipe out excess moisture

7. take a Q-tip and dip it into the Corn Starch, getting a good amount on the end of

the cotton swab

8. carefully place the corn starch into the nose fold, wrinkle or tear stain area being

careful not to get the corn starch into the eye

9. repeat corn starch if needed until the area appears powdery and moisture free




When to Use Anti-Fungal Cream for your English bulldog:




If your English bulldog is nose fold or tail pocket does not respond to this cleaning, you may need to use an anti-fungal cream. Simply take a small amount and rub it into the infected area and it should clear up in a few days. For example, using Monistat 3, the infection should clear in 3 days; Monistat 7 would be a week.




Secret Weapon against Tear Stains





Tear stains are unsightly, but they are not harmful to your bulldog unless they get infected. Runny eyes can be a sign of entropion, a condition in which the eyelids curl, causing the eyelashes to irritate your bulldog’s eyes (see the book for more information on eye problems). You most likely will have to take your bully to an eye specialist to have these irritating eyelashes removed. Tear stains are no more than just deposits from the mineral saturated water that comes from your dogs eyes. These naturally occurring minerals stain the hair a coppery color. I have found a really great product that prevents tear stains. It takes several weeks to start working, but is quite effective. It’s called Nu pro Gold Supplement and is available at pet stores. It is an organic supplement that provides vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes that may be missing from your dog’s diet.


Now What?

After trying everything in the world I have come to the conclusion that the only thing that really works and keeps the tear stains away are Tynan Inject able or Tylosin powder,  these 2 are antibiotics and  will keep tear stains away if used in small amounts.

depending on the dogs weight then you portion the amount to give.


Enjoy your happy healthy bulldog!

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