Draminsky Dog Ovulation Detector

Canine Ovulation Detector

Ovulation Detector for Bitches

The detector is a portable device that helps to determine the optimal time for mating your bitches.

Dog Ovulation Detector

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Everyone always asks me how do I know that my bitch is ready to be Artificially inseminated, when do I know when the right timing is, well after many request from people here is my secret, I have been using this Ovulation detector for over 10 years now,  I can honestly tell you that it works and it works really well, it follows your bitch’s rise to her peak of LH which is right before the progesterone rise, I have used this side by side with progesterone testing and also vaginal cytology and it works to perfection, this machine lets you know if a bitch is in hear or not, since some bitches don’t swell up or have any discharge, with this ovulation detector you can know if a bitch is in hear or not. 

If you purchase it from me I will personally guide you through Skype and teach you how to use it, until you become an expert with it, I guarantee it works if it used properly, you have to know how to use the machine or it can give you false readings so I will coach you until you get the hang of it.

The dog ovulation tester is a small, portable and very versatile instrument which is powered by a common 9V battery, It gives readouts of electrical resistance of vaginal mucus which undergoes characteristic changes during the course of heat.

The ovulation tester for dogs enables:

  • Exclusion of multiple mating of the bitch
  • Identification of so called “false heat”
  • Elimination of problems associated with disorders during heat
  • Time saving
  • Great reduction in financial costs of multiple mating.


The Ovulation Detector for dogs has given favorably results in tests at the Obstetrics Department. of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Agriculture and Technology, Olsztyn, Poland.

The advantages of using the detector have also been confirmed by research carried out at the university in Giessen, Germany.

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