Ovulation prediction with saliva test

Pinpoint when Your bitch is Ovulating – The Peak Fertile Period – ovulation prediction test with saliva


Below is a video I made of how you can check if your English bulldog bitch is ovulating with a drop of saliva on a microscope

Check your bitches ovulation at home and know when it is time to breed!





Identifying when your bitch ovulates – your bitches peak fertile time in her estrus period – is critical when breeding your bitch. With a microscope you can predict ovulation it is both easy and affordable – and without the need of progesterone testing or vaginal cytology.


A saliva-based ovulation test that allows you to predict ovulation with 98% accuracy – a few days in advance. It works by allowing you to identify your bitches “estrogen surge”, the characteristic surge in estrogen that occurs before your bitch ovulates. Ideal for bitches with both regular or irregular heat cycles, with a simple and affordable microscope  you can increase your chances of getting your bitch pregnant.

And because the estrogen surge typically precedes the luteinizing hormone surge (luteinizing hormone is the hormone detected by progesterone testing),a microscope provides you with greater advance notice of when your bitch will ovulate – giving you a greater opportunity in each heat cycle!

 Know if your bitch is in her Ovulation time simple and fast!

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