Shipping English bulldogs

Shipping English Bulldogs


Our English Bulldog puppies are shipped via Continental Airlines they are the only ones that take English bulldogs or French bulldogs; they have pressurized cabins with climate control systems, All of the English Bulldog puppies are flown in a special compartment for pets they do not go were the luggage goes.

Our English Bulldog puppies are usually shipped out early in the morning and the puppy is received later on that same day.

How does shipping English Bulldogs work?


When you purchase your English Bulldog puppy through our web site the we take the puppy to our vet to get a health certificate and any up to date vaccines or D-Worming if they are needed our Vet is, (Dr. Ricardo Caballero, Sunset Pet Hospital Tel ( 305-816-9990) all of our English Bulldog puppies will need to have a health certificate and a vaccination record in order to get on the plane, the airlines will ask for this documentation.


Our Vet does a complete health exam on your English Bulldog puppy, which includes a fecal test to check if the puppy is free from any worms or parasites, if the puppy is found with worms or any type of parasite I will need to treat it for a couple of days so you can receive your puppy safe and sound.


After the puppy is checked then he will issue a health certificate stating that your English Bulldog puppy is in perfect health and will give me a clean bill of health so we can ship him out.


This gives us a guarantee that the  English bulldog puppy we are sending is in perfect health and you will receive a healthy puppy.


In the case that our Veterinarian finds that the English Bulldog Puppy needs to be in a treatment before we can ship him out, the buyer will be notified, we want to make sure that you receive a healthy English Bulldog so please be patient and we hope you understand if this occurs; we only want what is best for our English Bulldog puppies and our clients, this almost never happens but if it does, please have a little patience with us, we do not want for you to receive a sick puppy.

How long will it be before for shipping English Bulldogs?


Our English Bulldog puppies must be at least 10 to 12 weeks of age or older, they need to have their vaccines up to date in order for us to deliver the puppy to you, I like my puppies to have at least 2 sets of Parvo 2 sets of Distemper 1 set of Lepto and 2 sets of Para influenza 2 sets of Hepatitis and 1 set of Kennel Cough, in the lather that these puppies are shipped there is a small risk that the puppy can contract a virus since viruses are airborne so i vaccine them well enough so their immune system is boosted up against all of these viruses.

If the puppy is 10 to 12 weeks of age or older and he is purchased I can usually deliver the puppy with in a few days of the purchase.


What happens in the summer when the temperature is to hot for an English Bulldog?


In the summer from May 31 to September 30 all major airlines have a heat embargo for snub nose dogs,  Continental Airlines is the only airline that will take a snub nose dog in the summer.


How will you deliver our English Bulldog puppies in the summer?


We can ship our English bulldogs to certain states where the temperatures does not get too high, or if it’s too hot we will schedule and deliver your puppy with a nanny service but this will have an extra cost.


Shipping cost will usually run anywhere from U$D 250 to U$D 280 for Canada it has an extra cost of U$D 150, and to other countries I would have to quote for you,I usually include this price in the cost of the puppy if it is within the United States, We cannot ship to Hawaii unless the dog is older, they have a Anti rabies free island and they dog must be quarantined or held until they are 6 months and has had 2 sets of rabies shots.


Thank you.

Diego Rojas

Mauiexpo Kennel


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