Bringing your new English bulldog puppy home


Bringing your new English bulldog puppy home


English bulldog puppy

When parents find out they are going to have a child they make all sorts of preparations. A room is set aside and possibly the walls are covered with an appropriate wallpaper or paint, a supply of formula fills the pantry, baby bottles and diapers are purchased in huge quantities, toys and pacifiers are picked out, the baby’s doctor is selected, etc. You need to make the same preparations for the Bulldog puppy, and think about the equipment you will need, the car ride home, and the bulldog puppy’s activities, feeding a bulldog, and health care check-up.

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  • Colossal (2017)

  • Duration
    110 mins
    Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction.
  • In Cinemas
    February 23, 2017
  • Country
    Canada, Spain.
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Plot For Colossal

‘Colossal’ is a movie genre Action, was released in February 23, 2017. Nacho Vigalondo was directed this movie and starring by Anne Hathaway. This movie tell story about A woman discovers that severe catastrophic events are somehow connected to the mental breakdown from which she’s suffering.


Nacho Vigalondo.


Zev Foreman, Nahikari Ipiña, Russell Levine, Nicolas Chartier, Dominic Rustam.


Nacho Vigalondo.

Production Company

Brightlight Pictures, Sayaka Producciones Audiovisuales, Route One Entertainment, Toy Fight Productions, Neon.

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Watch Full Movie Patriots Day (2016) Online Free | English bulldog health issues

English bulldog health issues

All breeds of dogs have conditions that are common to their particular breed, and the bulldog is no different.


Many conditions are in direct relation to the characteristics considered desirable in the breed. If you are adopting an older dog, many of these conditions should already have been identified.


Around the clock care by a qualified veterinarian needs to be available. Since not all veterinarians are knowledgeable about the health problems Bulldogs may have, find a veterinarian who knows and likes Bulldogs. This is one of the reasons it is a good idea to join a local Bulldog Club. The members can usually refer you to a veterinarian who is familiar with Bulldogs and who likes them. Some veterinarians don’t like Bulldogs, and no matter how good a veterinarian is, he’s not right for your Bulldog. Any veterinarian who will be doing surgery on your Bulldog should have previous experience with putting Bulldogs under anesthesia. This is of great importance.

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Breeding English Bulldogs

Breeding English bulldogs

Breeding English bulldogs is not an easy job but if you want to know some tips let me help you out so you do not make the same mistakes as I did when i first started, When your bitch goes in heat I always wait until the 7th day before I start the breeding process with my English Bulldogs, but this is not always right! Some females will ovulate on the 3nd day or sometimes after the 27 th day it can differ from English Bulldog to English Bulldog, so unless you know your English Bulldog female, it is better to go with progesterone testing, just to make sure, it will tell you the exact day to breed your bully.

Count 60-63 days before the English Bulldog puppies are likely to be born. Make sure everything necessary for their arrival, will be in order by that time. Note; English Bulldog semen can hold in the English bulldog girl for up to 3 days, so be careful not to expect them too early. Example: If she has passed 63 days and you have no English Bulldog Puppies she may have not “taken” the day you thought she did. It could be a few more days.


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The 10 Minute Project (2017) Full Movie Online | English bulldog

Welcome to Mauiexpo Kennel

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Enter English bulldog puppies for sale page here!


I am an English Bulldog breeder with many years of experience and offer English bulldog puppies for sale, my English bulldog puppies for sale are cared for by in a family environment . I breed to the standard of the English Bulldog breed. My English bulldog puppies for sale have great temperaments, are low to the ground, and have the desirable wrinkles that English Bulldogs are known for. Unfortunately, this is a breed that has been over-bred, with many progeny over the years losing the characteristics of the standard, and becoming riddled with health problems.  English Bulldogs are a very unique breed that require a lot of time and dedication in order to produce quality puppies that are sound, healthy, and free from problems. The English Bulldog puppies for sale that I offer as an English bulldog breeder are raised in a home environment, and are completely socialized with children, strangers, and other pets. They are also healthy animals that are bred to the standard. Breeding to the English Bulldog standard is an ongoing process, that is never finished. With each litter I strive to improve my animals from the prior generation without compromising the health and soundness of my English bulldog puppies. (more…)

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