The English Bulldog

The English bulldog

The English bulldog


When it comes to the English Bulldog, much can be said. These lovable dogs have a face that could stop a truck and legs that seem out of proportion with the body. Despite

their somewhat fearsome appearance, English Bulldogs generally have sweet dispositions and love to be with both people and other canines.

The Bulldog breed is believed to have originated in the British Isles, where it was developed through selective breeding to participate in the popular seventeenth century

sport of bull baiting, in which dogs attacked a tethered bull.

 The English bulldog


These origins help account for the English Bulldog’s two most distinctive features . the short muzzle and upturned nose. The muzzle is what allowed the Bulldog to clamp

onto the bull, while the upturned nose helped the animal breathe even while clinging to the thrashing bull.


Although it was initially bred for violence, today’s English Bulldog is one of the friendliest dogs you will find. English Bulldogs simply love people, and are known for getting along

well with children as well as adults.


In fact, many experts regard English Bulldogs as the best breed in its dealings with children. This breed has a very playful nature and loyalty, making it an excellent companion. Additionally, the English Bulldog is virtually

tireless when playing . just like your children!


If you have a multi-dog household, the English Bulldog will fit right in. This breed is usually very affable when it comes to dealing with other dogs.


In addition, while English Bulldogs can be regarded as a gentle breed, they sometimes can seem to have hearing problem . however, this hearing trouble only appears when

their owner is issuing commands.


The English Bulldog is more expensive than other canines, but they enjoy a loyal and enthusiastic following of owners and breed devotees. There has also been a culture developed around English Bulldogs. For example, this breed has become a universal symbol for tenacity, strength, and resilience.

One look at the history of the English Bulldog shows that they have always enjoyed a good reputation, without some of the violent or wild connotations sometimes associated

with dogs originally bred for fighting. As their owners can testify, the bulldog is now the most lovable of creatures, known for their gentle demeanor.

If you are looking for The English bulldog you have come to the right place, we are dedicated to the English bulldog breed for life, this is a passion that is going to be passed on through out generations in my family!

After you own an English bulldog you will never have another dog breed in your life again! this lovable caring companion dog, is a pet that you will always want to be by your side, make you happy when you are sad and make you laugh at all times, they are very faithful to their family.

I hope you guys enjoy the English bulldog!


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